Little Big Meals – Boring to Bold!

How to change up your meal routine at a great price!

What are your favorite places to shop for groceries? I frequent many places for different things! I love Trader Joe’s for their produce and organic frozen items. I love Super Target for their convenience of all things, while being able to grab essentials. When I am cooking a good dinner – I LOVE Fresh Market over any other grocery store. Their fish and meat selection is the best. So how can you get some good ideas for new menus that won’t break the bank, allow time for easy prep and give your taste buds a run for their money?  “ Little Big Meals ” are now my new favorite!

What are “ Little Big Meals ”?

I just recently found out that the Fresh Market not only has weekly specials, but they offer what they call “ Little Big Meals ”. So I am sure you are wondering what this is? I stumbled upon it in a routine email that was forwarded to me from my local Fresh Market . It is a great way to change up the boring routine of the same foods! Each week they offer a special meal with an easy recipe, serving a family of 4 at a great price ($20-25)! Let me preface – this is not always a super clean option – but the ones I have chosen to try have been pretty healthy, packed with veggies, tons of flavor and very easy to prep! Even better? They always offer a meat/fish or vegetarian option to cover everyone’s preferences!

Where can you find this?

First – check the Fresh Market website to see what their menu is! When you walk into the store – there is a refrigerated section, on an aisle cap, closer to the registers. There will be a card that shows what their “ Little Big Meals ” is, what ingredients you need to grab and how to cook it! The protein is always fresh, antibiotic free and clean…the veggies are ALWAYS fresh and crisp…and the majority of the other ingredients are organic options! Grab all of the ingredients on your list and go!


The “ Little Big Meals ” should ring up $10-20 less than if you were buying it NOT on special. The portions are BIG so you may even have leftover! Even with following the directions – there are always “healthy” ways to cook things. For instance – we did their chicken parm and I sautéed it in a pan with a little EVOO spray instead of a full tbsp of oil. Saved a TON of calories that way! Just as crispy and flavorful without the guilt! We also did a really great Asian stir fry dish that was SO yum! Better than takeout – where I can monitor the oils! #Winning!! Cook time? Everything we have made was no more than 30 minutes! Perfect for any night of the week!

So bottom line?

Check it out if you want a change on a budget! Ringing in at $5-$6.25 per person for FRESH ingredients – you really can’t beat that anywhere! Especially at a high quality grocery store! Check it out for an easy way to change your week up!

2 thoughts on “Little Big Meals – Boring to Bold!”

  1. Love Little Big Meals. Fresh Market is the best, just watch some of the pre-packaged sauces. (Lots of sodium). Would love to see you do something on making good for you sauces to flavor up your dinner.

    1. Thanks Nicole! Yes – always have to watch the prepackaged for sodium content! I will def work on a post about dressings and sauces! Thanks for the inspo! xoxo

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