Bring a friend a meal… What to bring?

Your friend just had a baby …it’s time to bring them a meal…what should you bring?

We all know when a good friend has a baby – it’s so nice to make them a good dinner so they can focus on healing, taking care of the new baby, possibly older children, and most importantly take their focus off of meal prepping. It’s pretty customary for people now a day to send a group text or a meal train email to coordinate coverage for the growing family! This can also be for a friend or family member who recently had surgery or needs some extra help! Sooooo what should you bring?

So often SO many people opt for a pasta dish. It is inexpensive, it feeds a lot of people, it reheats well…but it’s also duplicated by SO many people. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good splurge on Italian inspired dishes – but when you are trying to recover and take care of yourself – sometimes this heavy comfort food is sent to them several times that week. What are some good, easy, healthy options that won’t break the bank? Try and focus on a protein, a vegetable and a grain. You can shop locally at a farmers market to cut your cost drastically, but also up the quality of the ingredients you are bringing! For a new mom who is trying to get her “pre-baby” body back – lighter and healthier is sometimes MUCH appreciated.

Meal Ideas:

Sooo what are some good, crowd pleasing options that won’t break the bank and have your friend feeling thankful (and full)? Why not try out a soup or a chili! My Chicken Tortilla Soup is packed with flavor, protein from the chicken breast and beans, tons of veggies, is light but also filling – best part? It freezes really well! So you can make a big batch and she can serve it one night and then save the rest for a night when they don’t have a meal planned! You can bring fun toppings like avocado, tortilla chips, chopped tomatoes, jalapenos…you get the idea! It’s a nice change up and since many times people have leftovers, it helps when you can actually save them!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Other great, easy meals? My Lemon Salmon can be prepped before and brought uncooked in a tin foil baking dish! All she will have to do is pop it in the oven 15 minutes or so (depending on her oven) – before they are ready to eat and it’s done! The prep time for you will take about 10 minutes and it will be super fresh for their family! Bruschetta Baked Chicken Parm (recipe coming soon) is also a big hit! This is packed with flavor and texture! You can opt to serve it with a pasta if the family prefers (or if they have small kids who would love spaghetti) – or you can pair it with some roasted veggies sprinkled with some fresh parmesan! Again, this meal will take about 30 minutes to create, and your friends will be so grateful for some healthy, family-friendly options!

Lemon Salmon
Other easy options??

Bring a big salad! This can be jam packed with whatever theme you create! Mexican? Add some marinated grilled chicken, grilled corn cut straight from the cob (sooo yum and tastes so fresh – non-GMO of course) – sliced red bell pepper and some chopped avocado! Greek? Toss some mixed greens with some sliced cukes, tomatoes, red pepper, feta, kalamata olives and top with grilled shrimp or chicken! Super easy meal planning that is packed with veggies and flavor! You can even add some grains to your salads like a quinoa to up the nutrition even more!
So again – not putting down the baked ziti – I LOVE a good baked ziti…I will share my recipe sometime soon for a splurge meal – but sometimes when multiple families are bringing dishes, it’s nice to bring a healthy dish nobody else is bringing!

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