Meet Jenn

A self-trained chef, Jenn is a complete foodie who loves to experiment in the kitchen, cooking tasty meals for her husband and two kids. Her focus is fueling her body with the healthiest ingredients, but also the best-tasting ones. Check out some of her recipes and her blog to get some ideas you can try yourself at home!

Health & Wellness

Born in New Jersey, Jenn is a Jersey girl at heart who focuses her efforts on helping people become the best possible version of themselves. After being diagnosed with cancer when she was 30 years old, she was determined to make a lifestyle change to achieve full remission. She started cooking healthier, exercising more, and even partnered with a health and wellness company that allowed her to walk away from her corporate career and become self-employed. This opportunity gave her the platform she needed to not only achieve her goals, but help others achieve theirs.  Contact her for details on her 30-day cleanse!