What is a health and wellness coach?  What does Jenn actually do?

A health and wellness coach is someone who helps motivate and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Jenn assists others in setting goals and teaching them how to reach them through a healthy lifestyle.  The majority of her clients work through a 30 day detox that helps take your body from acidic to alkaline, followed by a healthy maintenance program.  She has clients ages 8-80!  She loves helping others make better choices to become the best version of themselves.

What are the benefits of alkaline living?

Your body’s pH levels are what determine how acidic or alkaline you are.  It is a known fact that cancer thrives in an acidic environment and can not survive in an alkaline environment.  While Jenn’s plan and recipes don’t claim to heal, treat or prevent disease, food can be your biggest killer or the best medicine.  Getting your body in an alkaline state can help prepare your body to better fight disease in general, promote healthy weight loss, better energy, better sleep and better overall health.  Being a cancer survivor herself, keeping her body in an alkaline state is her way of preventing a re-occurrence when she was told there wasn’t a way to control it.  While she doesn’t have complete control, she can say she is cancer free as of December 3rd, 2014 and her lifestyle and food choices have changed since them.  Coincidence?  Possibly…but maybe not.

If I want to make a change, learn more and complete a 30 day cellular body detox cleanse, how can I do that and what support will I have?

First off, congratulations on wanting to be the best version of YOU!  Jenn’s system promotes healthy living, ridding toxins (head to toe – NOT a colon or organ cleanse), alkalinity and more!  She would love to be your coach and help guide you through the process!  You will have the support of Jenn to discuss your goals and keep you on track, as well as a whole team of others following the same plan!  And of course fun, easy and delicious recipes will frequently be shared through Jenn’s site!  Change never felt (or tasted) so good!  Whether you are looking for weight loss, healthy living, to build lean muscle or just to feel your best – Jenn would love to help!  Contact her for details!

What are “real foods” and what should I stay away from?

Real foods are REAL…meaning unaltered.  They are grown, fresh, without additives and chemicals.  Obviously even organic foods have a legal level of toxicity on them, however some choices are better than others.  Buy locally sourced produce when you can.  Shop the perimeter of your store and stay out of the aisles as much as you can (aside from beans and such).  Things to stay away from?  If it has a label with ingredients you can not pronounce, you probably don’t want to eat it.  Try and avoid refined sugars, white or bleached flours, fried and processed foods.  Think real, light, clean…that is the goal!

Where do Jenn’s recipes come from?

Jenn has always loved to cook and taught herself how to once she moved into her first apartment in college.  She was always the chef, the entertainer, the hostess…it came natural.  She started with easy things and then slowly graduated to fancier dishes.  Cooking is her favorite way to de-stress.  She loves to get creative in the kitchen.  She loves to make delicious meals that are actually good for you, that you can feel good about eating!  She has never been a recipe girl, so while different recipes have inspired her – she has never been good at following them!  She’s a “throw it together, dash of this, splash of that, let me add this and make it my own” kind of girl!  So finally, she decided to put pen to paper and start tracking her meals to share with others who needed help or inspiration!