LTB (Lift, Tone, Burn)

Get it right, get it tight!

That’s what the rap song says, right? Well that’s obviously most everyone’s goal while working out! So which workouts are most effective – the most fun – and worth the time? In today’s world – we have SO many options for places to exercise – so choosing a place can sometimes be tough! What are a few of my favorites? I actually have 3. Let me tell you about one of them!

Being a woman – I love heading to a studio that offers a level of comfort and sense of community. When you walk in – they know your name – make you feel appreciated – and encourage you to be your greatest self! Pure Barre offers all of these things. You see – before I learned about Pure Barre – I was strictly a cardio junkie. I didn’t lift or tone and I honestly didn’t know enough about how to. Then I was introduced to the Pure Barre Ballantyne studio and loved it! They have a South Park location – which is equally as amazing! The two owners, Caris and Caroline are exactly who you would want running your studio! They care about their clients and always make sure you feel welcome! Caris is even a part of the health and wellness company I partner with! She has been able to help so many with their nutrition on top of their fitness goals! What a game changer!

So let me tell you about this burn they offer…holy crap! If you’re familiar with Pure Barre, you’ve heard the term “LTB” (Lift, Tone, Burn). I can remember my first class well. It was over a year ago. I had heard amazing things but had no idea what I was walking in to! You start off with some aerobic type exercises to get the blood flowing – followed by light weights, moving to the barre, ending with abs and stretching. When I say you get a FULL body workout – I am not lying. At first you might feel a little uncoordinated while learning some of the movements – but the teachers are amazing at helping you without calling you out in a room full of women – and you literally FEEL the work you did head to toe! You target specific muscles and burn them out until your body is literally shaking! Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well, it really is! You know you did WORK when you leave and you can’t wait to come back for more! I also LOVE how it’s you against yourself and the more you go – the more you can see your abilities changing!

Oh – and I can’t forget to mention they are now offering a really cool Empower Barre class that offers a faster pace and a little more cardio incorporated (you even wear ankle weights I was told!)! These classes are fairly new (I am dying to try one!!!) and I heard they are incredible if you like a faster pace! Icing on the cake about Pure Barre in general? Your first week is free so you can try it out for yourself before committing! You won’t be sorry, you can thank me later!

What else do they do that’s fun? They sometimes plan fun little pop up shops in their studios – fund raising events with themes –fun pop up classes at cool outdoor parks or places! Right now they are hosting a barre class at a brewery the first Thursday of the month through the end of the year! $5 gets you a spot in their class along with a beer! Doesn’t that sound perfect for a week night girl’s night!? Sign me up!

So moral of the story? If you are down for something FUN and NOT the same old routine – if you love feeling welcomed and a sense of community while working out – if you LOVE to feel the burn and KNOW you spent your time wisely getting those muscles exhausted to the point of shaking – THIS is for you! Oh, and I can’t leave out how ahhhhhmazing the stretching at the end feels! Holy yes! Oh, and did I mention their really cute Barre tanks for working out???? I own about 3-4 and they are my fav! Why not rep your favorite places while you work out? Can’t say enough about what this place has to offer!

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