Six Tips to Staying Motivated in the Gym

So we all go through phases, right?  Times where we LOVE exercising – and other times where it feels like it’s a chore, rather than a release.  So what can we do to keep our heads in the game to stay on track?  Here are a few things that keep me motivated!

1. Figure out what you like!

There are SO many places to work out – Large gyms, YMCA’s, places that offer classes like Orangetheory, Pure Barre, Cycle Bar, running groups, cycle groups, boot camps, you name it!  So why not get your buns out there and TRY out what your neighborhood has to offer?  Most places allow you to try their facility anywhere from one class to one full week FREE – so take advantage of these perks and test the waters to see what interests you!  Switching things up is good – so challenge yourself to keep it interesting!

2. Find an accountability buddy!Purebarre Girls

Ok – so for some this may feel tough – but really, it doesn’t have to be!  Heck – I will be glad to be your accountability buddy!  The more accountability – the better!  This can be someone who attends classes or gym sessions with you – or even someone who doesn’t live near you – but has similar goals who you can check in with to hold yourself accountable!  I do this with friends near and far!  One of my girlfriends and I take most of our classes together.  We make each other get up for the early ones at 5:45 or 6 am – and even make sure the other attends the evening classes when we are exhausted from the day.  It helps to have someone there to kick your butt in gear!  And it is ok to need that extra layer of motivation!  We all need it sometimes!

3. Schedule your workouts!

Think of your workouts as a special meeting time with yourself.  If your boss scheduled a meeting with you – would you cancel if you didn’t feel up for it?  Heck no!  Same goes for your commitment to yourself!  Take your calendar and block out times that are strictly for you to workout!  Don’t allow other plans and obligations to get in the way.  This may mean early mornings, a lunch time workout or even in the evening when you might be tired – stick with it anyway!  Bosses don’t cancel, right?

4. Be realistic.

Obviously we all want to be motivated!  For most people – working out 7 days a week isn’t a realistic goal.  That is OK!  You don’t need to workout 7 days a week!  Set goals that can actually work with your schedule that you can stick with.  I aim for 4-5 days a week.  Normally 4 will happen.  Occasionally I will get an extra class in.  This means some early mornings and I am ok with that!

5. Set goals for yourself and celebrate the wins along the way!

This is HUGE!  Ok – so obviously many of us will have a BIG goal for the end and obviously we all want to see results as soon as possible.  But the scale is not the “say all, end all” to results!  Perfect example?  When I started Orangetheory – I joined to help myself tone up.  What did I realize a few months in?  My endurance was improving drastically!  Now I can run my “all-outs” at a 9 where before that would never happen!  Winning!  Push yourself!  You may reach goals you never even knew you had!

6. Make it fun!

Your time to exercise should be YOUR time…meaning it should be your time to clear your head – exhale the stress going on around you – and to decompress.  We ALL need that time.  Exercise affects our mood, our energy, our sleep…our whole day!  Make YOURSELF a priority and allow that time!  Your body and your mind will be thanking you!

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